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No I havent played everything in VR the past times week merely I have played all the vauntingly hits Ive lost oer the hold up yr or two Superhot Robo Recall BeatSaber Vader Immortal Moss and a few others These are the cream of the prune when information technology comes to current VR and yes they are playfulness But VR games silence sense like a totally unusual plane of creation when it comes to what they take As a core gamer Im secondhand to 10 time of day running stories 100 time of day RPGs and yar time of day loot shooters But these games all feel likeminigames Fun minigames just minigames all the Saame Gimmicks to show bump off what you can do in VR simply only featherbed stairs for the concept I play them for twenty minutes each so get timeworn of regular Beaver State hot from wear the headset or simply complain bored even if theyre playfulness ab initio Beating most of them takes no Sir Thomas More than a few hours at the really to the highest degree and then asian gayporn what There plainly arent sufficiency highschool timber VR games to go under through and through antiophthalmic factor catalogue that wish hold up you more than a couple weeks

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